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Gel Style ESD Wrist Strap With Cord Heated Benchtop Ionizer for Static Control
Our Price: $3.49
Our Price: $695.99
Sale Price: $619.99
You save $76.00!
Ionizer for benchtop use perfect for manufacturing
THE most Comfortable ESD Wrist Strap in the Nation. 100% Silicon Rubber, long lasting, hypoallergenic, outstanding longevity and static control protection.

Single Wrist Straps only $3.49 each!

Our wide output variable output temperature HEATED esd ionizer delivers a 24" x 24" air stream that neutralizes static electricity from insulative objects and sub assemblies while reducing thermal shock in the product. Perfect for 3 D coverage. Up to 120 CFM of air flow! LOW maintenance, ISO manufactured, adjustable output, built in emitter point cleaner and fully warranted.

Full Sole ESD Shoe Grounders ESD Heel Strap
Our Price: $7.99 (cost shown is per strap)
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109-AS ESD heel strap for static control
Full Sole ESD sole grounders by United SCP provides the ULTIMATE in electrostatic charge decay! Compare to the high overhead big boys at $17.00 EACH! These straps work great even when employees are seated with only their toe's in contact with the esd floor! As fast and easy as putting on a typical ESD heel strap.

Professional Grade
THE most popular Heel Strap in the Nation.
Robust, High Performance, Outstanding Quality
Single Straps only $3.30 ea!
Bags of 10 - Only $2.97 ea!
Bags of 100 - Only $2.93 ea!


Dual fan Overhead ESD Ionizer with Work Light ErgoStat Comfort Grounders for ESD Control
Our Price: $698.95
Sale Price: $598.95
You save $100.00!
Our Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $55.99 (price per pair)
You save $8.96!
2 fan Overhead Ionizer with work light THE most comfortable ESD Shoe on the Industry
This high output (fully controlable) ESD ionizer is perfect for mounting above sophisticated electronic manufacturing workbenches to remove harmful static induced electrostatic potential from insulative objects. PERFECT for small to medium size work stations. Outstanding performance that Tames the Static Beast BEFORE it Takes Another Byte!

ESD heel straps provide unparalleled static decay. ERGOSTAT heel grounders take this spectacular antistatic performance and combine it with THE most comfortable ergonomic performance in the Industry!


ElectraClean Anti Static Floor Cleaner

Our Price: $131.58
Photo/Case Lot (4 ea 1 gallon containers) ElectraClean Anti Static Floor Cleaner
ElectraClean! A non insulative (non film forming) liquid cleaner specifically designed for use with ALL anti static (ESD) hard surface floors, economical, easy to apply, hard working and Highly Concentrated allowing the client to adjust the strength for their specific needs!

Deal of the Day!

ESD Floor Tiles
Our Price Per Carton $140.40