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Full Sole ESD Shoe Grounders SI-203C ESD Shoe Grounders- Velcro Fastener Over Toe D Ring Style Elastic Strap for Length
Our Price: $7.99 (cost shown is per strap)
SI-203C ESD Shoe Grounders-  Velcro Fastener Over Toe D Ring Style Elastic Strap for Length
Full Sole ESD sole grounders by United SCP provides the ULTIMATE in electrostatic charge decay! Compare to the high overhead big boys at $17.00 EACH! These straps work great even when employees are seated with only their toe's in contact with the esd floor! As fast and easy as putting on a typical ESD heel strap.
SI-203C ESD Shoe Grounder:  Velcro Fastener over Toe, elastic D ring style strap for adjustment of length, fit ALL style of shoes.  HIGH visibility bright red color easily identifies protected technicians!
FG-7020 Elastic band ESD heel straps Dual fan Overhead ESD Ionizer with Work Light
Our Price: $4.20 (cost shown is per strap)
Our Price: $698.95
Sale Price: $598.95
You save $100.00!
StaticSolutions FG-7020 Elastic Hook and Loop Closure Heel Straps 2 fan Overhead Ionizer with work light
All Ohm-Stat foot grounders can be adjusted to fit the user. The Ohm-Stat Heel Grounder line has four unique styles to fit a wide variety of men's and women's shoes, boots, safety shoes, loafers, tennis shoes, and running shoes. They are easily cleaned with mild detergent and water.
This high output (fully controlable) ESD ionizer is perfect for mounting above sophisticated electronic manufacturing workbenches to remove harmful static induced electrostatic potential from insulative objects. PERFECT for small to medium size work stations. Outstanding performance that Tames the Static Beast BEFORE it Takes Another Byte!

Forbo Colorex Static DISSIPATIVE ESD Tiles Benchtop ESD Ionizer for Static Control
Our Price: $332.27
Sale Price: $330.88
You save $1.39!
Our Price: $898.00
Sale Price: $808.00
You save $90.00!
Forbo Colorex Installation, Boston Clean Room ESD Ionizer for benchtop use, thin wide and POWERFUL output
Forbo ESD floor tiles are a premier, time tested solution in static control flooring. Forbo SD is Static DISSIPATIVE and perfect for providing slower yet THOROUGH dissipation of static electricity. EASILY compliant to the new ANSI ESD S20.20 97.2 standards. An excellent choice for clean rooms, semi-conductor manufacturing, computer rooms, file server areas, sophisticated medical environments and more. New! For $79 dollars we will ship ANY Quantity of Forbo Colorex to ANY location in the Continental USA (standard freight to business locations only)!!!
Our wide output esd ionizer delivers a 24" x 24" air stream that neutralizes static electricity from insulative objects and sub assemblies. Up to 190 CFM! Perfect for benchtop use in electronic assembly. LOW maintenance, ISO manufactured, fully adjustable output, built in emitter point cleaner and fully warranted.



ElectraWear Advanced ESD Smock

Our Price: $27.75
SAVE! Now Only $19.98
You save $7.77!
ElectraWear Smock with Advanced Conductivity
Outstanding Color Selection AND Conductivity!
Extremely light in weight but made from INDESTRUCTIBLE tight knit polyester with triple stitched seams. Class 1,000 clean room compliant (with fabric options that meet class 100). GREAT for non clean room use, a perfect choice for advanced manufacturing. One of the most popular ESD Smocks in the Industry!

Custom Order Smock

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ESD Floor Tiles
Our Price Per Carton $140.40