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ESD Floor Coverings are used for static control. They are an integral component of a comprehensive plan to eliminate electrostatic discharge in mission critical environments such as electronic manufacturing, 911 call centers, labs and more. United has specialized in static control flooring since 1993. We've supplied, Certified and Installed Millions of square feet of successful esd flooring and are known world wide as leaders in the field. We don't take chances with second rate materials. We provide realistic pricing in concert with PROVEN Performers! United SCP = Outstanding ESD Flooring materials and unparalleled product support for installers, engineers and end users. At United we help you Tame the Static Beast BEFORE it Takes Another Byte!
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301-AS ElectraTough Interlocking ESD flooring
301-AS ElectraTough Interlocking ESD flooring

No Adhesive Required! Perfect for installation on concrete, wood, epoxy, laminates and even thin pile carpeting! Indestructible ESD protection that meets the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standards. ElectraTough handles chair caster and cart traffic with ease. Fast installation (simply click them together). Structures can be built to any length or width. Free Shipping in the Continental USA and to our friends in Canada!
Modular Peel & Stick Titanium ESD Tiles
Modular Peel & Stick Titanium ESD Tiles
Our Price: $34.99

Titanium Modular's feature a case hardened static dissipative top surface bonded to a full surface static conductive backing laminated to a unique peel and stick adhesive for easy installation over all hard surface flooring.

ESD flooring installation of anitstatic tiles, Boston MA
ElectraTile Vinyl ESD Floor Tiles
Our Price Per Tile $4.15
Our Price Per Carton $186.74

ElectraTile ESD ESD Control Floor Tiles areTHE choice of professionals for controlling electrostatic discharge in clean rooms, electronic manufacturing, computer rooms, repair facilities or anywhere static sensitive products are being used or manufactured. Best Online Pricing in the USA!
UltraTech II Static Control Carpet Tiles
UltraTech II Static Control Carpet Tiles
Our Price: $194.87

UltraTech II THE choice for advanced Mission Critical Static Control. MEETS the latest ANSI Standards!
12 ea 2' x 2' tiles per carton ($4.06 PSF).
Only $16.24 per tile!
Compare to our Online Competitors at over $19.80 per tile!
Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!
FAA Mission Critical Static Control Carpet Tile
FAA Mission Critical Static Control Carpet Tile
Our Price: $199.50

For mission critical applications such as Server Rooms, the FAA, DOD and the Military, static induced equipment malfunctions are just NOT an option. Our FAA Series 24 oz Mission Critical Carpeting conforms to THE most stringent standards for ultimate static control while providing beautiful aesthetics in concert with the utmost in ergonomic comfort.

Circuit CG Static Control Carpet Tiles
Circuit CG Static Control Carpet Tiles
Our Price: $220.00

Unlike carpet that simply keeps static generation below the level of human perception Circuit CG collects the charge and grounds it. Circuit CG meets THE latest stringent electrical conductivity standards for static elimination and is another key reason it's used by clients including the FAA and the US Military. Plus, Circuit CG's award winning high tech pattern hides wear, seams and dye lot variables. Need to replace a carpet tile 10 years after the original install? Add on to an existing install as your needs expand? With Circuit CG dye lots just aren't an issue!
ElectraFloor 2' x 2' Titanium ESD Vinyl Tile
ElectraFloor 2' x 2' Titanium ESD Vinyl Tile
Our Price: $329.98
Sale Price: $272.03
You save $57.95!

The most slip resistant, easiest to clean, lowest static charge generation ESD flooring on the market PERIOD! Beautiful! Titanium like wear resistance. Static Conductive (easily compliant to new ANSI / ESD specifications for optimum conductivity).2' x 2' tiles - In stock and ready to ship!

VPI Conductile and  StatMate  ESD Tiles
VPI Conductile and StatMate ESD Tiles
Our Price: $278.40

VPI Conductile and Statmate ESD Tiles are designed specifically for THE most demanding of manufacturing environments; clean rooms, labs, hard drive manufacturing, DOD and Munitions. Any application requiring exceptional wear characteristics in concert with the highest surface finish and most consistent electrical properties of ANY ESD tile on the market! Available in 12x12 tiles only.

ElectraLock Interlocking Vinyl ESD Tile
ElectraLock Interlocking Vinyl ESD Tile
Our Price: $321.43

ElectraLock is for use in covering ANY type of hard surface flooring! Saves the cost and disruption of tearing out old flooring or prepping the concrete! Permanenet or Temporary (reusable). Seamless Appearance. Matte Finish or High Gloss. Currently have old Asbestos laden Tile? NO problem, cover them and SAVE the cost of asbestos abatement! Lowest Price in the industry for Interlocking Vinyl ESD Tiles!
Forbo Colorex Installation, Boston Clean Room
Forbo Colorex Static DISSIPATIVE ESD Tiles
Our Price: $354.37

Forbo ESD floor tiles are a premier, time tested solution in static control flooring. Forbo SD is Static DISSIPATIVE and perfect for providing slower yet THOROUGH dissipation of static electricity. EASILY compliant to the new ANSI ESD S20.20 97.2 standards. An excellent choice for clean rooms, semi-conductor manufacturing, computer rooms, file server areas, sophisticated medical environments and more. Free Shipping on ANY Quantity of Forbo Colorex to ANY location in the Continental USA (standard freight to business locations only) For Details Click Here.