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ElectraStrip Quart Sample ElectraStrip Quart Sample

This quart sample of ElectraStrip is ppowerful, fast acting and thorough! ElectraStrip rapidly dissolves multiple layers of dirt, grime and existing floor finish! ElectraStrip is designed to be diluted to a strength that easily fits a multitude of requirements. NOTE: ElectraStrip can not be shipped by airfreight!

Our Price: $8.00
ElectraShine Quart Sample ElectraShine Quart Sample

This quart sample of ElectraShine provides a superb increase in shine, conductivity and wear resistance and works well with both propane and electric high speed polishers to remove many common scuff marks as you polish.This product eliminates nuisance static from standard floor finish and enhances the conductivity of all antistatic wax.

Our Price: $8.12
Slip-Not! Quart Sample Slip-Not! Quart Sample

Slip-Not ESD Floor cleaner renders slippery ESD flooring a thing of the past. Everyone likes the clean crisp look of a glossy ESD floor BUT slip and fall accidents are THE most common workman's comp injury in manufacturing.

Our Price: $9.19
ElectraClean Quart Sample ElectraClean Quart Sample

ElectraClean! A non insulative (non film forming) liquid cleaner specifically designed for use with ALL anti static (ESD) hard surface floors, economical, easy to apply, hard working and Highly Concentrated allowing the client to adjust the strength for their specific needs! Now approved for use on ESD Carpet!

Our Price: $9.35
ElectraSheen Saphire II Quart Sample ElectraSheen Sapphire II High Gloss Floor Finish - Quart Sample

This quart sample of ElectraSheen Saphire II is the hardest, most wear resistant floor finish in the industry! ElectraSheen is Anti Static and will reduces nuisance static discharge!

Our Price: $12.04
ElectraGlaze Quart Sample ElectraGlaze Quart Sample

Diamond Hard, Brilliant Shine, Permanent Scuff Resistance! Reduces Static Generation on ALL Hard Surface Floors. Perfect for use on ALL ESD Flooring! Meets ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 when used on ESD Conductive Flooring!

Our Price: $15.00
ElectraSolve Anti Static Spray Quart Sample ElectraSolve Quart Sample

This quart sample of our ElectraSolve Anti Static Spray immediately eliminates static from carpeting, car seats and more! Trigger sprayer included.

Our Price: $24.95
ElectraThane Quart Sample ElectraThane Quart Sample

This quart sample of ElectraThane is used to seal ElectraGuard epoxy floor paint. ElectraThane is tougher than ElectraGlaze but is not designed to be high speed polished. ElectraThane may be top coated with ElectraGlaze for a higher shine and high speed polishing.

Our Price: $24.99
ElectraBond Quart Sample ElectraBond Quart Sample

This quart sample of ElectraBond is used as an intermediate barrier coat between the first coat of cured ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy and the second coat of the epoxy.

Our Price: $30.00
E-Shield 7077 in 1 Quart Container (includes trigger sprayer) ElectraShield-7077 Sample

ElectraShield transforms standard glued down carpeting into Operational Equipment Grade Static Dissipative Carpet thus helping control the damaging effects caused by an electrostatic discharge to sophisticated electronics.

Our Price: $32.25
ElectraGuard Quart Sample with Catalyst ElectraGuard Quart Sample

This quart sample of ElectraGuard is perfect for electrical testing or selecting the appropriate color for your facility and needs.

Our Price: $42.20
ElectraSeal Quart Sample ElectraSeal Quart Sample

EXCLUSIVE FORMULATION: Not an ESD Floor Finish or Wax. ElectraSeal's one of a kind metal free polymer chain is specifically designed for use over concrete. ElectraSeal is economical, long life, easy to maintain and has an extremely low VOC content making it an attractive option for Architects and End Users looking to achieve stringent "Clean and Green Building Standards."

Our Price: $44.75
ElectraGuard Bond Strength test Kit ElectraGuard Bond Strength Test Kit

The ElectraGuard Bond Strength Test kit is a convenient tool that allows the user to test the bond strength and other characteristics of our ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy in conjunction with any existing substrate. Recommended for use on a variety of substrates including concrete, epoxy, VCT, existing paints and other standard floor covering materials.

Our Price: $60.85