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ESD Test Equipment = Static Control Compliance
Powerful Performance, Accurate Results, Outstanding Value!
At United SCP we complete the circle of static control with Heavy Duty Industrial Strength NIST Certified ESD Test Equipment. Whether your needs require in house testing of ESD flooring, wrist and heel straps, garments, ESD table top mats or flooring runners; gain full compliance easily with United SCP Test Equipment. New to the standards? Unsure of what you really require? United's Engineering staff is here to help!

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Pair of Static Solutions CC-2641 Coil Cables for RT-1000 Meter Pair of Static Solutions CC-2641 Coil Cables for RT-1000 Meter

The Static Solutions CC-2641 premium coil cords are designed to fit the pin jack inputs of the RT-1000 and the associated electrodes and probes that are equipped with a banana jack input.

Our Price: $12.99
CC-2641 Straight Replacement Cable Pair of Static Solutions CC-2641 Straight Cables for RT-1000 Meter

Static Solutions CC-2641 STRAIGHT Replacement Cables for use with the RT-10000.

Our Price: $27.27
SI-500 ESD Wrist Strap Tester ESD Wrist Strap Tester

The SI-500 ESD Wrist Strap Tester strikes the perfect balance between cost, performance and longevity.

Our Price: $159.63
SI-502 Wall Mount ESD Wrist and Heel Strap Tester Wall Mount ESD Wrist and Heel Strap Tester and Metal Footplate

Our SI-502 Wall Mount ESD Wrist and Heel Strap Tester and Metal Footplate provides fast, reliable testing of the technician's conductivity in combination with their straps.

Our Price: $249.95
Static Solutions RT-500 Static Solutions RT-500

The RT-500 Megger measures electrical resistance using an LED display.

Our Price: $462.99
CT 8720 ESD Combo Tester Static Solutions CT-8700 Series ESD Combo Tester

The Static Solutions CT-8720, CT-8725 & CT-8700 provide fast complete testing of ESD wrist straps and / or ESD heel straps.

Our Price: $480.20
FM-1126 ESD Field Meter Static Solutions FM-1126 ESD Field Meter

The NEW Static Solutions Ohm-Stat ESD Field Meter is a palm sized electrostatic measuring device ideal for testing static voltages, polarities and even the ion balance of ESD ionizers.

Our Price: $554.68
Static Solutions RT-501 Static Solutions RT-501

The Static Solutions RT-501 is the premium version of the RT-500.

Our Price: $710.71
United Static Control Products/ ElectraDyne-1000 ElectraDyne-1000 Electrical Resistivity Test Kit for ESD Control

The ElectraDyne-1000 Megohmmeter is a dependable and easy to use audit kit for measuring electrical conductance (or lack thereof). Electrical conductance is a key factor in controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD). Unlike instruments that provide only LED readouts in decades, this instrument is fully digital and breaks down the decades thus providing optimal accuracy and precision.
ED-1000: Electrical Resistivity Megohmmeter, industry compliant electrodes, NIST Certification, steel test plate, cable, battery, manual, hard shell case and accessories

Our Price: $1,032.79
Static Solutions / RT-1000 Static Solutions RT-1000

The RT-1000 is a lightweight, versatile, robust and portable device that measures resistivity temperature and humidity. Currently Out of Stock, see our new meter HERE!

Our Price: $1,159.82
CT 8920 ESD Combo Tester CT-8900 Advanced Series - ESD Wrist and Heel Strap Tester, LOGS Results

The CT-8900 Advanced Series, ESD Wrist and Heel Strap Tester LOGS Results! Flawless PAPERLESS Compliance Tracking for Your ESD Program! Eliminates log books and Cheating! Documents and Insures Compliance to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014!

Our Price: $1,351.24
Static Solutions / RT-2000 Static Solutions RT-2000

The RT-20000 professional audit kit includes many standard accessories and with readily available optional accessories this package can grow as Industry standards (or your needs) change.

Our Price: $1,723.99